Khám phá thế giới tiên hiệp đặc sắc Lan Lăng Vương Mobile

Lan Lang Vuong Mobile  is a game based on the Chinese film Lan Lang Vuong, which is broadcast on television. However, to create novelty, the game will have some extra points to help players not get bored. And to know more about this game, please read through the following article.

Introducing the game Lan Lang Vuong Mobile

The context used in the game  Lan Lang Vuong  is a world first half with spirit and magic weapons. And the main content of this game is about the Central Highlands country in a peaceful period but then there are changes.

The cause of this change is the appearance of the Emperor with the purpose of fighting for the spirit. It is the presence of the mazoku that creates battles between Elves and Ma, between Ma and Nhan. This war showed no sign of ending quickly and it lasted for a thousand years. 

Lan Lang Vuong Mobile Game

And among the Sages against the Demons, there is a special character with the mask of the dominant Sage who has participated in many battles with the desire of the three realms to return to the previous peaceful period. This virtual world consists of 4 different classes: Swordsman, Ma Dao, Tu La and Vu Phap.

When players participate in the game, it is possible to choose one of these four classes at their discretion. Each class will have its own appearance, strengths and fighting skills, giving you a unique and new experience. The graphic design style that Lan Lang Vuong owns is 2.5D.

Right from the moment you look at this game, you will be impressed when the game creates eye-catching with many elaborate details. Not only that, each character also has its own characteristics, creating an attractive atmosphere, clearly. Therefore, players can only guess at who it is at a glance.

Colors used in the game are beautiful colors, bright in a large context. In addition, the effects of the game are also monumental, making the characters, the plot more vivid, more realistic. In particular, you can just immerse yourself in the virtual character and grasp the real time so it can be said that this is a virtual game without virtual, full of colors.

And like many fighting games, other role-playing,  Lan Lang Vuong Mobile  also has many levels with different levels. The more you go up, the locked levels will be opened and you will have the opportunity to experience more new features, new battles and new rewards. 

It is certain that as the level increases, the difficulty level will increase accordingly, helping the player to have moments of intense, tense, fighting hard.

How to download the game Lan Lang Vuong Mobile

Unlike Call of Duty Mobile, Lan Lang Vuong Mobile game   is more popular, including Vietnam. So finding and downloading games is not too difficult. Whether you use an Android phone, iOS or use a laptop, you can experience this game. 

Download Lan Lang Vuong Mobile game at CH Play app store for Android system

For anyone with an Android system phone, just visit the CH Play app store. You will type the keyword “Lan Lang Vuong Mobile” and then download and install it on your computer. When the installation is complete, start the game and start your favorite PK matches.

For phones using the iOS system, you will also enter the app store dedicated to this system, the App Store. Also by searching keywords, you will find the game and perform the operation of downloading, installing and participating in the game. On PC systems, you’ll download the game via the Google search bar.

How to load cards for Lan Lang Vuong game

To participate in the role-playing game in Lan Lang Vuong game, you also need an account and “capital”. So, after downloading and installing the game to your computer, you need to set up a personal account to ease the problem of importing and exporting games. Once you have an account, you’ll move to the card topup and select MG Coin. 

There are many different ways to pay with your card. You can use Gate card, Bit card, VCoin card, use Momo e-wallet or transfer via ATM iBanking or credit card. Next, you will confirm the transactions you have just completed.

Once the confirmation step is complete, you can move on to typing the necessary information and start buying the items you need in the game Lan Lang Vuong. And to check the transaction process just made, you can go to the account information page to view transaction history.

Proceed to enter information and buy in-game items

Lan Lang Vuong Mobile  gives you exciting PK moments when you are immersed in your favorite legendary characters. Don’t hesitate to join this game right now to have the opportunity to level up, reach levels and get many attractive rewards. For more details on how to play this game, you can visit this website .